Smart Clot

Smart Clot is a new tool for measuring the haemorrhagic and thrombogenic potential “ex vivo” of patients affected by cardiovascular diseases and/or thrombotic-haemorrhagic disorders, and for monitoring the effects of anticoagulation and antiplatelet drug therapy.

The test is highly innovative insofar as it simultaneously measures platelet activation and the deposit of fibrin under controlled flux conditions (venous and arterial) using just one small whole blood sample.

The Smart Clot test can be used by medical specialists (anaesthetists, haematologists, cardiologists, heart surgeons, etc.) to both accurately evaluate the disorder and to monitor the effects of antiplatelet and/or anticoagulation therapy.

The Smart Clot test is set to become the “must have” device for haematologists and cardiologists and for any clinical situation or thrombotic disorder that requires the administration of antiplatelet or anticoagulant drugs such as cardiovascular diseases, neurological strokes, thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms, diabetes, surgery of any kind, etc.